Tuesday, February 25, 2014

And now for a few notes on how to hijack Arizona's Superbowl for political reasons ...

Folks, if you are sports fan, you have been hosted to a number of fantastic events in recent days, such as the Super Bowl, then, a little after that, the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, hosted by world leader, the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, and attended by a bunch of media people, as well as those who can afford to buy tickets for such things, and, of course, the athletes themselves, an international herd of gravity game neophytes and wannabe glamsters on skates and skis and snowboards, all going for the gold, except for one person who had the nerve to leave the scene because she, a Ukranian athlete, Adelina Sotnikova, couldn't stomach the revelry knowing a violent revolution was going on back home.

Which is a shame, of course ... too bad there isn't a medal for that.

Next year, Arizona will host the Super Bowl. Dunno what the Roman numeral for it but No. 49 going to be a big one. The state's governor, Jan Brewer, is expected to veto the controversial S.B. 1062 bill, according to reports. That, leaves, as default, the entire state's Republican-led legislature, to serve as the next official choice to host as a kind of mob representative responsible for the debacle. That is the same group of politicians who passed S,B. 1062, which would, if signed into law, allow any business to refuse service to anyone they please based on their own intolerant, biased, pig-headed religious beliefs. 

Most likely, many of these same people will be in attendance for the event in Glendale, conveniently located between the city of Phoenix and the Pacific ocean. Like Sochi, it is also in a war zone, as well as a host for a great many gun shows ... something I happened to notice on the Phoenix television news broadcasts, and Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito is from there, as well. So is Jan Brewer. That is where she got her degree for a radiology career, which was what she did before she became a politician.

Now, as I still sit here so seasick from the things I have just mentioned and more, I must argue that I, as a resident taxpaying citizen of Arizona, have a share in all of this, which makes me, at least, a host in portions.

Which gives me the right to declare, yes, that I am now taking the Super Bowl in Arizona next year, well, hostage, pirate style. Aye!

Search here soon for upcoming arrangements, events, and so on. For example, I'm thinking of dictating that the game will be between the Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Pirates (I know, I know, the Pittsburgh Pirates consists of baseball players), but that's the best way to ensure the game will be a blowout by a 44-0 score ... and that the game will be over a few seconds after the first play, just like this year's game. More to come as events unfold.


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