Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Portrait of Young State as an Outlaw Brigand

James Joyce appointed
to Take Arizona's Super Bowl 
Hostage Committee

In a stream of consciousness decision, the early 20th century author, James Joyce, has been appointed to the recently formed pirate organization intended to host the next Super Bowl in Arizona, if we ever get around to that ... According to Joyce ...

"Though my efforts may seem dead to the dumbed-down world, and my book, Ulysses, was once seized for being obscene by authorities in New York state, things have calmed down quite a bit since then ... personally ... and more recently I have become more of a sports fan .... Because the state of Arizona, which doesn't even tolerate daylight savings, and is therefore unaware of what the time is, or even what century it is, I felt like it was a good time to become an apparition to haunt the state of Arizona, although, as I recall, I didn't go in much for  the rampant spiritualism when I was alive, although, in more recent years, I had become a big fan of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung after my wake ... Now, my main mission as member of this newly formed committee is to make harsh judgment on Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for allowing reactionaries to let the state burn while she churned about, quite lavishly, and perhaps a little hung over without having the usual bloody Mary in the morning, in order to function as the state's incredibly malfunctioning leader, to ask one fashionable question posed these days to politicians with something to hide, and who nevertheless stand to profit, in terms of the current polarities brewing, regarding what might be the benefit to herself, as governor considering, even while Arizona burns as an international laughing stock, the musical question: When and where was she when the state legislature was coming up with S.B. 1062 such nonsense in the first place, and why she waited so long to veto it, rather than further embarrass the citizens of this southwestern alcove of phantasmagorical odyssey ... as time fades away since the cursed event?

Since it has become unfathomably weird whenever the legislature is gathering to come up with such dumb stuff all of the time, and needs to be watched (no, babysat) closely, and Brewer is a politician who should have known in advance about what was, well, brewing for the Brewster and her party, it's hard to believe she needed to deliberate much about what already is regarded as unnecessary ... since the U.S. government already has guaranteed free speech with regards to freedom of religion ... it's hard to imagine how this dead man walking  S.B. 1062 bill couldn't have been headed off at the pass, as you cowboy, gun-toting Yanks like to call it, without damaging the state's reputation as it already has been ... unless,, of course, it likes that distinction ...

Now, other states have been enacting, or trying to enact stuff like this, too, but Arizona is uniquely branded as a hot bed for this kind of baffoonery, and the mythic clock of the small leading the larger, ever-outwinding tick-tocks of the world seem to find this desert wasteland uncommonly amusing ... Indeed, the silliness is quite the gift that keeps on giving for whatever liberals the arid zone already has ... from the MLK Day debacle in the early 1990s, to the botched debate over racial profiling more recently, and a lot of other perverse lawmaking that only rural areas in far flung Arab lands tend to circulate ... So, I ask again: Where were you governor, and what did you know about this, and why didn't you just stamp it out before things got clearly out of hand?

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