Thursday, May 02, 2013

What, No Diamonds?

Inducing a kind of gold-fever hallucination worthy of an Oscar-worthy wild-eyed Humphrey Bogart scene from "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre," Arizona lawmakers voted recently to make silver and gold coins and bullion currency in the state.
Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed this bill, perhaps to avoid making the state's legislature any more of a laughing stock than it already is.
Maybe also because the legislature had legislature cited concerns over the collapse of the world's monetary system.. However, in typical fashion, the legislature failed to consider just what might be bought, with silver, gold or anything else if such a thing occurred.
If the U.S. dollar were to become obsolete, Arizona, like the rest of the nation, would become a kind of Floridian sink hole sucking a bunch of stuff into it, including the distribution system of food, water and other goods into the desert.
Arizona would have far big problems if the world-wide monetary system collapsed than whether you could get correct change at the Circle K convenience stores, Wal-Mart, or, any place else.
Silver and gold only represent a certain value based on what we, as humans, imagine what that value might be.
We in Arizona must be pretty imaginative people to elect such, quote, leaders. We suffer from mass delusions in the state, due to the heat, no doubt, It should come as no surprise another dusty designated zone of the free world, Utah, approved such legislation in 2011.
Of course, silver and gold are related to a lot of bloody work performed throughout a consecutive string of centuries in the West.
They are similar to diamonds in the sense that much slave labor, or, outright criminal behavior, has been employed to extract such mineral "valuables" from the Earth. That so much of this can be linked to South African history. But nobody should be surprised that Arizona shares a link with South Africa. Right now, in North African Darfur, there is a gold rush going on.
Hey, there's some bad-ass desert there, as well.
Must be something in the water, or, lack of it. Now I'm going to try to drop a diamond into a coin slot into the next available soft-drink machine. Maybe it will work better if I have my stinking badge.

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