Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I really need to do something about having this governator around ... Any suggestions?

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    • Dedicated to the late Mute Rimney, who should be lost in the desert 'bout now.

      off "Camper Van Beethoven" (1986) He was the river boat gambler He was the son of the chief of police He drove around in a Rambler He had a message from the ...
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    • Save this one for a Sunday morning, about 11 a.m., a great replacement for church.
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    • Do these lyrics, once thought banal and obtuse by reviewers, make more sense to you now?

      1.Roundabout (0:00-8:33) 2.Cans And Brahms (8:33-10:11) 3.We Have Heaven (10:11-11:51) 4.South Side Of The Sky (11:51-19:49) 5.Five Percent OF Nothing (19:49...
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  5. Ask yourself: How dot calm are we, really?
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  6. Woke up at 2 a.m. with jingle bells in me head and a parking lot full of one fire department squad. Can't wait to get the deal on that caper today.
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