Sunday, December 23, 2012

  1. And now, for you, the recession era sounds of the Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band ..
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  3. Party hats, balloons, global revolution that's, you know ... peaceful, for the purposes of keeping everything green and habitable for the human beings and all other living things.
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  4. The Telluride Daily Planet is Telluride's five-day-a-week newspaper, offering news, business, sports and arts coverage of a beautiful, vibrant region.
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  5. Author
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  6. Always a pay-it-forward movement, based on a barter economy principle ... except without the exchange of Monopoly money until it becomes necessary ... or some other tangible transaction system ...
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  7. How we need Tom Petty, U2 and Stevie Wonder to come here, John Trudell, too, to play Sun City, again, ati-Meachamite style!
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  8. Singer/songwriter Douglas McDaniel has been a poet, writer, editor, author, mad blogger (I mean, really, really mad as hell, but with a satiric sensibility) ... got an "A" in poetry class at the University of Arizona ... studied creative non-fiction for two years with the late Edward Abbey ... but m...
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  9. It all started when a mysterious breathing device burst into flames ... And that's my review.
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