Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let Glenn Beck Slink Away from This Somehow ...Fox News is getting increasingly nullified by mere outpourings of  recoveries of their own hateful drivel and paranoia ... I sense the beginning of the end for this errant species of national media ... I hope ...  We in the media criticism business, who often analyze events off of the top of the roofs of our dirty little mouths that roar, are all twin engines of the same double-edged word-swords ... I did the same thing myself right after the Tucson Massacre ... even if I still believe I was right about the suicide cultists are who are pouring gas on this fire, this failure by Fox News, and the Republican plutocratic right, to live in good faith, in term of the American social contract to simply "let us be" ... But my sense of the new call for civility in social discourse, which always should have been there to begin with, shouldn't be allowed to disarm the media, too, which still needs to do its job of speaking truth to power .. or, in this case, when misplaced power is actually this guy Beck, a kingpin, like Limbaugh, of hate speech ... They need to be put in a ring, to duke it out, or just sit looking at a mirror to listen to their own voices for a while ...
~ Douglas McDaniel

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