Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Radio Free Arizona Returns After a 10-Year Hiatus

Former Radio Free Arizona columnist Douglas mcDaniel is no longer former. Shall this restore the memories and histories and futures of this place. Dedicate it to the old Sun Club. That old Taco stand turned into a hotpbed for the best Arizona bands in the early 1990s. The Meta Puppets come to mind, as do the Gin Blossoms. Dead Hot Workshop, and then the Tucson brigades would come up the road, Giant Sand and The Sidewinders.
Well, thngs are better now. There are a lot more people here. In the Valley of the Sun.


Tramps and Theives made a strong impression during a show in Jerome over the summer. So there is an items for further research. Same for the Walkmen, who opened for Incubus to enliven a dimsal big venue show.

The Hip are touring. here early October. What are we so worried about?

Oh. That.


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